Saturday, January 11, 2014

Next step grocery buying...

So in my last blog I told you about planning a menu.. Now is the next step in the process, the dreaded grocery store everyone hates!

  I take my menu & write down each ingredient that it takes to make that certain recipe.. I break my list out into categories to help make it easier.. I break mine up to produce department, meat department, cold & frozen, and then other... Below is an example of how I create my list..

Next I go to my pantry, fridge, freezer, etc & start marking off the items that I already have. This is really important in the money saving aspect.. For those of you that have a Kroger in your area I recommend downloaded the Kroger app. You can download coupons directly to your Kroger card. I don't know about you but this makes my life so much easier! They also have apps for grocery list, etc.. I am weird & actually like marking my items off as I buy them.. Don't know why but that is what I like to do!

Now it is time to go to the grocery store.. My normal grocery trip will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how cooperative my children are.  For those of you trying to go clean & healthy here are my recommendations & what you will find in my grocery cart (minus the fruit loops you will see in the buggy as those are Maycen Kate's.. when you have a 20 pound 2 year old you can't deprive them of everything)... Most of your grocery cart should contain FRESH produce (not frozen) but if you are in a hurry frozen is better than canned... Can veggies don't contain the nutrients found in fresh or even frozen.  If you buy pastas, etc.. go for whole grain.. Look for things not made with enriched flours. This would be things like whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread. You never want your ingredient list to stay enriched on the back.. I check price, calorie, sugars, etc.. Once you do this a few times you will know what you can & can't buy.. Your 1st trip is a learning process & may take a while.

I NEVER buy things that aren't on my list! This trip was an exception to that rule because Tony found some sugar free/fat free coffee creamer (he just got his new Keurig) for $.50 and $.75 for the large bottles. I drink my Advocare meal replacement shakes for breakfast or will make a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast. I buy for my lunch (everyone else gets free lunch so why worry with this?!).. I typically will eat things such as turkey wraps (made with 60 calorie whole grain wrap), tuna made with mustard & pickles, or 1/2 servings of any dinner we may have left from the night before.. I buy for dinner every night.

So as you can see below I ended up buying 46 items which included a 3# roll of lean turkey for 3 meals that cost $9.99 and my total bill for the ENTIRE week for a family of 5 was $81.82... This receipt was for the menu posted in my blog it is all about the menu planning. 

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  1. Do you buy your turkey from the deli or from the pre-packaged lunch meat section???? What brand????

    1. Tasha I found a turkey I really like it is the Kroger brand. It is a fat free 60 calorie for 3 slices.. The key is to make sure you buy turkey breast with no added meats.. carving board has a turkey breast that is really good too.