Friday, January 10, 2014

A new beginning

Am I the only one who seems to feel they need to find what they were put on this Earth for lately? Am I the only one seeking for their purpose in God's kingdom?  These are questions that have been bugging me for a while now.. Yes I know I am here to tell other people about Jesus & that is so important but I also know God has me here for His purpose..

I have been searching inside myself for some time now.. I want to help others. I want to be a positive example to others.  I don't really have "gifts" like a lot of people. People I know can dance (I can't at all, I mean it is embarrassing), I don't really sing (yes I can open my mouth and noise comes out but it isn't the beautiful sound many of my friends have), I can talk but that isn't really a gift... I want to be able to change people's lives! It has been pointed out by a few people that I have a talent of organization.. Yes organization!! Maybe it isn't a talent but a gift.. I have been around some people that let's say are gifted in this area & I am seeing maybe it is what God gave me to help others.. My husband seems to think I am just OCD (Like when I made him turn a picture frame the other night because it was bugging me OCD) but I am going to look at it as a gift..

I have had a few people ask me about how I do my menus, what I cook, how I prepare my grocery list, how to keep a house clean when you have 4 kids (oops I mean 3 but everyone knows a husband counts as a kid too right?!), how I schedule, etc... So maybe this is their way of asking ME for help!! Maybe I can be that positive example that I so desperately seek to be.. So I am going to give it a try.. I pray this will help others.. Any feed back you would like to give would be AWESOME!! Any advice you want to give would be EVEN BETTER!! Anything you would like to see would be EVEN EVEN better (I will eventually run out of stuff to talk about if not), and most importantly ENCOURAGING words to help other people would be a BLESSING!

I hope you all enjoy this adventure with me! Please keep in mind I do work a full time job, have 3 kiddos, a husband, and church activites so I may not be able to blog every single day but I will try my best to blog 2-3 times a week!!

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  1. Oh how thankful I am you have started doing this!!!!