Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feb Week #1 Menu

Last week I was a day late so this week I decided to be a day early!!! This is the 1st menu for Febuary... I hope January you were able to find some of the menu options tasty, healthy, and that they were able to work for your family!!

So as you know Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday!!  Woo hoo :-) This always means yummy appetizers and food!! I will not post a menu for Sunday because we do actually have plans other than sitting home alone this year! SCORE!!!  So I will be making homemade salsa & crack crackers to take to the Super Bowl Party :-)

So I will start with Monday this week:

Monday: Vegetable Soup (nice meal for the cold days we have had)

Tuesday: Shake N Bake Porkchops with garlic green beans & baked okra

Wednesday: Whole wheat crockpot chicken tacos & either black beans or refried beans

Thursday:  Turkey Sausage Kabobs made with corn, potatoes, shrimp & turkey sausage

Friday: Homemade healthy chicken pot pie

I will post the recipes for these soon :-)

I hope something sounds yummy to you & you enjoy!!!


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  1. I'd love the recipe for the shake and bake pork chops :) sounds yummy!